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Coli Urinal for the treatment of kidney and ureter stones and urinary tract infections

    Coli Urinal for the treatment of kidney and ureter stones and urinary tract infections
    Coli Urinal for the treatment of stones in the kidneys and ureters and urinary tract infections and relieve pain resulting from them and burning urine and antiseptic for the urethra, Contains botanicals Halfa Bar extract (Halphabarol), Hexamine, and Piperazine citrate; We will learn together, God willing, via the suydaly pharmacist website, the dose, method of use, indications for use and contraindications, so follow us.

    Coli Urinal effervescent ingredients

    Each bottle of Coli Urinal Effervescent 60 gm contains the following active ingredients:
    Khellin 35 mg.
    Hexamine 10 gm.
    Piperazine citrate 3 gm.

    What is Coli Urinal effervescent?

    Effervescent Coli Urinal is an effective drug in the treatment of some pathological conditions related to the urinary tract, such as: getting rid of infections that affect the urinary system, treating infections of the kidneys, ureters, and bladder, getting rid of kidney and urethral stones, and the drug is available in the form of tablets and effervescents.

    Coli Urinal suydaly pharmacist

    Suydaly Pharmaceutical Coli Urinal medicine comes in two forms, Coli Urinal tablets and Coli Urinal effervescent contains the following ingredients and active substances:
    Piperazine: A substance that contributes to preventing the deposition of salts and thus facilitates their disposal in a healthy manner. It dissolves uric acid and urate salts and prevents their deposition, which 
    prevents the formation of stones in the kidneys and ureters.
    Khellin: It is a natural element that extends the smooth muscles in the urinary tract. It helps to dilate the ureters, which helps to expel stones from the ureter to the outside with the urine. It helps relieve muscle contractions associated with urinary disorders. It also relieves renal and hepatic pain. It also relieves colic. renal.
    It is used to treat a variety of diseases: renal colic, kidney stones, coronary artery disease, bronchial asthma, vitiligo, and psoriasis.
    Hexamine: It is a substance used to clean and disinfect the urinary tract and eliminate bacteria that infect the urinary system through its slow hydrolysis into formaldehyde, which acts as a strong antidote to many bacteria that cause urinary tract infections.

    The reasons for using Coli Urinal effervescent

    Indications for the use of effervescent Coli Urinal as follows:
    • Treatment of infections affecting the urinary and reproductive system, kidneys, ureters and bladder.
    • Treating urinary tract muscle spasms.
    • Treatment of high levels of salts in the body.
    • Getting rid of kidney and ureter stones.
    • Disinfection and cleaning of the urethra.
    • Prevention of kidney stones.
    • Prevention of recurrent urinary tract infection.
    • Dissolving uric acid crystals and urate salts.

    Side effects of Coli Urinal effervescent

    The use of Coli Urinal effervescent may lead to some symptoms and side effects, which differ from one patient to another, and the most common of these symptoms among patients:
    • Nausea and vomiting.
    • Indigestion.
    • burning sensation in the stomach.
    • itching
    • Skin rash, redness and irritation.

    Coli Urinal contraindications

    There are some cases in which you must follow the instructions for contraindications to the use of Coli Urinal in order not to cause risks, and the most prominent of these cases:
    • Hypersensitivity to the components of the drug.
    • There is a defect in the functions of the liver.
    • Kidney disorder patients.
    • During pregnancy and breastfeeding without consulting a doctor.

    Does Coli Urinal treat kidney stones?

    Yes, Coli Urinal treats kidney stones, through its powerful active substances that help get rid of kidney and ureter stones. Coli Urinal contains the substance proxadiol, or what is known as Halfa bar (Halphabarol), which helps in dilating the ureteral canals and thus facilitates the exit of stones from the body.
    But you must follow the doctor's instructions and drink plenty of water.

    Is Coli Urinal antiseptic for the urethra?

    Yes, Coli Urinal is an antiseptic for the urethra. Because it contains hexamine, which is used to cleanse the urethra of bacteria or any infection that may affect it.

    Is Coli Urinal used to treat bladder infections?

    Yes, Coli Urinal is used to treat infections of the bladder and works to purify it from any infection that may affect the urinary system.

    Dosage of Coli Urinal Tablets

    You must follow the doctor's instructions when using the dose of Coli Urinal tablets, and unless the doctor prescribes otherwise, then:
    The dose of Coli Urinal Tablets for adults is to take one tablet every 12 hours.

    Coli Urinal effervescent dose

    You must follow the doctor's instructions when using the dose of Coli Urinal Effervescent, and unless the doctor prescribes otherwise, then:
    The dose of Coli Urinal effervescent is 2 teaspoonful in 1/2 cup of water 3 times daily after eating.

    Coli Urinal tablets before or after eating

    Coli Urinal tablets are used after eating until it achieves the desired benefit, which is to get rid of excess salts in the body, treat infections in the urinary system, and get rid of kidney and ureter stones.

    Coli Urinal Effervescent How to use

    How to use Coli Urinal Effervescent is as follows:
    1. You should bring 1/2 cup of water, preferably a glass cup, and filtered water.
    2. Put a sachet of Coli Urinal into the water.
    3. Stir the bubbler in the water until completely dissolved.
    4. Drink the effervescent immediately, 3 times a day.

    When does the Coli Urinal effervescent effect appear?

    The effervescent effect of Coli Urinal begins from the beginning of its intake, but the effervescent effect of Coli Urinal appears in the final recovery, which may reach two weeks, so it is preferable to follow the doctor’s instructions according to each disease so that recovery takes place as quickly as possible.

    Pharmacological interventions with Coli Urinal

    You must consult a doctor before taking Coli Urinal to avoid drug interactions with Coli Urinal, as it has been scientifically proven
    The interaction of Coli Urinal tablets and effervescent with antibiotics that contain sulfa compounds such as sulfamethazole and sulfathiazole may lead to the appearance of deposits in the urinary tract.

    Coli Urinal analgesic

    Coli Urinal is used as an analgesic for some pains resulting from acute gout, and the mechanism of action of Coli Urinal in this is by reducing the level of uric acid that causes these pains in the body.

    Coli Urinal and pressure

    It is not known the effect of Coli Urinal on pressure or patients with blood pressure. Therefore, patients with high blood pressure or patients with low blood pressure should consult a doctor before taking Coli Urinal.

    Coli Urinal for pregnant women

    It is forbidden to take any medication during pregnancy without consulting a doctor, and this is also the case with Coli Urinal, because there are no scientific studies that prove its harm to the pregnant woman or the fetus, so you must refer to the doctor first before use.
    It is preferable not to use it during the first three months of pregnancy.

    Coli Urinal effervescent and lactation

    It is forbidden to take any Coli Urinal effervescent medicine for a nursing mother during the breastfeeding period without consulting a doctor, because there is not enough information about the excretion of the drug in the breast milk, which may harm the infant.

    Coli Urinal for children

    It is forbidden to use Coli Urinal tablets for children, as it is for adults only, and in the event that Coli Urinal effervescent is prescribed for children, you must follow the doctor’s instructions and not use it without a doctor’s prescription.

    Coli Urinal damage

    Some harm may result from taking Coli Urinal, which are:
    • Digestive disorders and indigestion.
    • The appearance of itching and rash.
    • heartburn.
    • diarrhea.

    Coli Urinal and gout

    Coli Urinal is used in the treatment of urinary tract infection and the removal of kidney stones from the body, as well as relieving gout pain by reducing uric acid, which causes gout.
    Coli Urinal is used to relieve gout pain only under the supervision of a doctor.

    Coli Urinal for burning urine

    Excess salts that accumulate in the kidneys or bladder cause many problems, such as burning urine and stones, so Coli Urinal is used for burning urine

    Coli Urinal effervescent for prostate

    Prostate infections are usually chronic, and fatigue from them is repeated again, due to: The presence of a capsule encapsulating the prostate, which prevents the elimination of the microbe that infects the prostate.
    Therefore, the treatment must be taken for a long period of more than a month. Because the short period of treatment leads to the failure to eliminate the microbe.
    One of the drugs that help treat prostate infections is Coli Urinal effervescent for the prostate.

    Preservation and storage of Coli Urinal

    Preserve and store Coli Urinal at a temperature not exceeding 25 degrees Celsius.
    Preserve and store Coli Urinal in a dry place away from sunlight.
    Keep Coli Urinal out of the reach of children.
    Check the expiration date on the box before use.
    Important Alert
    This drug information does not replace a doctor's visit, as it is informative and informative information and is not for prescribing medication to patients, and the site is not responsible for taking medication without referring to a doctor.
    (We ask Allah Almighty to grant you a speedy recovery and wellness)
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